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Muscle Building Diet

Cheap Sources of Protein

Food is undoubtedly your biggest expense as someone looking to build muscle and strength (if youíre spending more on supplements than on food then you need to re-evaluate the path you are on). Itís simply not something you can sacrifice unless you also want to sacrifice your gains.

This is particularly true of protein. Unfortunately, high-quality sources of protein are some of the most expensive items you can find at the grocery store. But donít worry, there are some cheaper sources out there. It may mean that you have to give up your filet mignons and lobster for a while, but these protein sources will get the job done just as well.

1. Canned Tuna
Make sure to select the tuna packed in water not oil, unless you really need those extra grams of fat. The water-packed tuna is pretty much pure protein and tastes great when combine with a little mustard and light mayo. If you need some extra carbs then put it on some toasted whole wheat bread for a well-rounded meal of complex carbs and high-quality protein. The only thing you need to watch out for with tuna is the potentially high mercury levels. To avoid any negatives of effects you should limit your consumption one can per day, or a couple of cans every other day.

2. Eggs
While the omega-3 and cage-free eggs are nice, they are also considerably more expensive than the traditional variety. However, regular eggs are packed with just as much protein as the more expensive variants. The difference is in the fat, vitamin, and mineral content. These compounds are found primarily in the yolk though, so if youíre just eating the whites then there is really is no difference.

3. Protein powders
Protein powders are often one of the cheaper sources of protein, but with dairy prices continually rising the traditional forms of protein powder (whey and casein) are not longer that cheap. Fortunately there are some types of protein not derived from milk. I generally suggest avoiding soy, but there are two new types of protein on the market that I do recommend. They are rice and pea protein powder. I would strongly suggest combining these two as they are complementary protein which will create a complete protein (high levels of all essential aminos). You can find these two powders at and in order to save you more money you can get a 5% discount by using the coupon code ďTYS726Ē at checkout.

4. Non-animal Proteins
Just as combining pea and rice protein powder creates a complete protein, you can also combine some whole food vegetarian sources to create complete protein. One great combination is rice and beans. This will not only provide you with great protein, but also ample amounts of complex carbs and fiber. If you use black beans you will also get a significant antioxidant boost as well. To save even more money I highly recommend that you purchase your beans dry instead of in the can.

5. Whole chicken
Bodybuilders are used to always eating chicken breasts and no other part of the chicken. But if you are in the habit of buying your chicken breasts pre-skinned and de-boned, then you are certainly paying for this convenience. The cheaper option is to buy a whole chicken. This will give the chicken breasts, which are very low in fat, but also the fatter parts of the chicken which can also be useful, especially if you are trying to gain mass.

Keep in mind that even if you are being hit hard by the recent economic events you can still achieve your physique goals. Simply re-evaluate your spending, eliminating the unnecessary. If you re-focus your efforts and money on quality food and training programs then you will not only save money, but you will also gain a lot more muscle.

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