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Insanity Workout Review


The good people at Beachbody have done it again, and this time it’s just plain “Insanity.” Insanity is an insanely high-energy workout program that can give you insane results in as little as 60 days.

Insanity features Shaun T as your pumped-up and never-let-up personal trainer. Shaun T is a well known dancer, choreographer, and fitness guru whose other workout programs include Hip Hop Abs—which quickly became America’s #1 TV fitness program—and the very popular Rockin’ Body program that features calorie-burning cardio and full-body sculpting set to super-hot dance hits. Insanity is Shaun’s hardest workout to date, and it’s built around MAX Interval Training. You’ll sweat and burn your way through long periods of maximum-intensity exercise with only short periods of rest, and each workout keeps you “digging deep” by alternating between intervals of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and between strength, power, resistance, and ab/core training moves.

Insanity Workout Home Page

At the heart of Insanity are 10 work-out DVDs that run between 20 and 80 minutes—each of which is designed to push you past every limit you’ve every known. These intense workouts can burn as many as 1000 calories in an hour, so you’ll be glad the program also includes an Elite Nutrition Plan that teaches you how to give your body the fuel it will need. You’ll also get a short and to the point Fitness Guide, the Insanity Calendar for setting workout goals and staying on track, the Fit Test Tracker that let’s you see your progress, and online access to fitness experts and support from other Insanity program members.

Exercise Recommendations

Insanity is definitely not for everybody. In fact, it comes pretty close to including a warning-label, which states that the program is very demanding physically, and is not meant for beginners, or people that have any sort of medical condition that prohibits strength exercise. But if you’re a man or woman who is ready for a high-energy, high-impact program that can take your physical training to a new level, Insanity is a great option.

Each of the 10 workout DVDs focus on different muscle groups, and they are designed for you to rotate through them at the rate of one per day and six days/week. And while these are very physically demanding workouts, they are designed to be done at home so you don’t require any equipment at all. Insanity hurts—and it’s meant to! But if you’re ready to dig deep, you can see dramatic results in 60 days. In fact, some Insanity users have lost as much as 30 pounds and 30 inches of body mass in that short time.

Diet Recommendations

An extreme program like Insanity demands that you eat a healthy diet and give your body the fuel that it needs to survive the intense, calorie-burning combination of cardio and interval-training workouts. And the Elite Nutrition Plan will help you do so.

It is less a traditional diet than a tool for teaching you how to eat sensibly both while you are working through Insanity and after you’ve completed it. This is a strategy for eating that is appropriate for any man or woman of any age who is sufficiently fit for the Insanity program. There isn’t a long list of “forbidden foods.” You will be eating a wide range of foods and combinations of foods that will keep your metabolism burning steadily. You’ll also learn how to determine your daily caloric needs based on your level of physical activity, when to eat, how many meals to eat per day, and you’ll learn about which combinations of foods work best for you.

If you follow both the exercise and nutrition elements of the Insanity plan, you can see dramatic results fast—insanely fast. Indeed, one Insanity test group’s started losing weight so fast they had to add calories just to maintain!




If you think you can strap a contraption to your body that will magically burn fat and tone muscles while you sit in front of the television, then you might be crazy, but Insanity is not for you! But if you’re ready to commit to what might be the hardest program of workouts you’ll ever do, then Insanity can bring dramatic changes fast. Some Insanity members have lost as much as 30 pounds and six and a half inches from around the waist in as little as 60 days.

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