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How to Get Stronger

by Tony Schwartz, Pro Strength Coach

Getting stronger is a complex issue that involves your nervous system and muscles working together to create as much strength (force) as possible. While genetics, nutrition, and supplementation can all play a role, the development of strength is mainly dependent on your training program.

Because of this, those serious about gaining strength need to have a training program specifically designed for that goal.

You are going to learn exactly how to develop a training program to get stronger and more muscular. If you are serious about increasing your strength and muscle mass then you are going to want to read this.

First of all, you need to be aware that there are different types of strength. For example, lifting a heavy weight is known as maximal strength. This is what most of us are interested in.

But there are also other types of strength, such as explosive strength and endurance strength. The good news is that by improving your maximal strength you can also improve these other types of strength.

For example, by improving your maximal strength with an exercise like the squat, you will also improve your ability in similar explosive movements like a vertical jump.


This phenomenon is known to sport scientists as positive transference, which is basically just a fancy term meaning that improvements in one exercise will lead to improvements in another.

Because of this phenomenon we are going to focus on methods to improve your maximal strength.

What type of training is best for getting stronger?

There are many considerations when designing a training program, but one of the most often asked is: How many reps should I do?

It's hard to give a real clear-cut answer to this question because it really depends on you and what your goals are. However, the table below is a good guideline.

# of Reps Training Emphasis
Strength Muscle Mass Endurance

So, if your main goal is strength then this means that the majority of your training should be in the 1 to 6 rep range.

This doesn't mean that you should never train with more than 6 reps. There is a place for this type of training in your program even if you aren't concerned with adding muscle mass, but that is a topic for another time.

What about looking strong?

If you're like most people you want to get stronger, but you'd also like to gain some muscle and probably lose some fat as well.

When most people hear about training with lower reps they automatically think of powerlifters and weightlifters, since these athletes typically train with lower reps.

Unfortunately, the most popular weightlifters and powerlifters are those in the superheavyweight class, since they lift the largest weights. But these guys are also fat!

So it's understandable why people jump to the conclusion that training with lower reps will make you stronger, but it will also make you fat. But this simply isn't the case.

Training Heavy Isn't What Makes You Fat

The number of reps you do has almost nothing to do with how fat you are. Some people argue that you burn more calories with higher reps. While this is true, the difference is so miniscule that it isn't even worth thinking about.

As a practical example, just look at weightlifters and powerlifters in the lighter weight classes. These guys are still brutally strong, yet have well defined abdominals year-round.

Think This Guy is Fat?

The real key to getting lean while still being strong as an ox is to watch your diet. Training with lower reps will help you get stronger and gain muscle, but you have to eat a quality diet of lean meats, vegetables, and whole grains if you want to have a six-pack to go with your strength.

How can YOU get stronger?

Ok, so far we have just looked at one factor for increasing your strength. And while training with heavy weights and low reps is a huge factor in your success, there are 3 other principles you MUST use in your training in order to get stronger.

3 Keys to Getting Stronger

1. Money Exercises: The most bang for your buck

You already know you should be using lower reps, but what exercises should you combine those low reps with?

There are two main categories of exercises you have to choose from: compound and isolation.

Isolation exercises involve the movement of only one joint of the body at a time. The classic example is the barbell curl, where only the elbow joint is moving. Because of this, only the muscles which move the elbow joint are working. In the case of the barbell curl this primarily means the biceps.

Compound exercises are those that involve the movement of more than one joint at a time. Think of the pull-up as an example. In the pull-up both the shoulder and elbow joint are moving. What this means is that the muscles that make those joints move are having to work. In the pull-up this means the biceps help to move the elbow joint, and the deltoids (shoulders) and lats (upper back) help to move the shoulder joint.

So which is better?

Well, both types have their place in every program, but compound exercises should always be the foundation if your goal is to increase your strength. Just think, which sounds better:

Barbell Curls to work your biceps


Pull-ups to work your biceps AND shoulders AND upper back

Sounds like a no-brainer to me. With that said, there are numerous compound exercises to choose from. So which ones should you pick?

A good starting point is to choose the three lifts that powerlifters compete in: squat, bench press, and deadlift. These lifts are often called the "Big 3" since they allow you to use heavy weights and hit almost every muscle in your body.

In addition to the Big 3, I also recommend adding in the pull-up, as this will help to round-out your strength development.

The Big 3 + 1
Exercise Muscle Groups
Squat Quads, hamstrings, glutes, low back, abs
Deadlift Quads, hamstrings, glutes, low back,
upper back, forearms, abs
Bench Press Chest, shoulders, triceps
Pull-ups Lats, shoulders, biceps, forearms

2. Progress, progress, progress

I once had a powerlifter tell me that, "To get stronger, you have to get stronger."

It's not the clearest way of saying it, but his point was that if your goal is be strong you have to continually add more weight to the bar.

This is what is known as "progressive overload", and it is the main principle of training no matter what your goal is.

As an example, if you just started training you might find it very difficult to lift just the bar in some exercises. However, as you continue lifting you will find that the bar soon becomes very easy. If you continue to lift with only the weight of the bar your progress will stall and you won't get any stronger. However, if you continually add weight to the bar you are giving your body the stimulus it needs to continue to get stronger.

Add Some More Weight to The Bar

This is just one example of progressive overload. You can also progress by doing more reps, more sets, changing exercises, etc. Basically anything that makes your workout more difficult can be seen as a way to achieve progressive overload.

3. Proper program design

So, getting stronger is easy right? Just pick some compound exercises, use lower reps, and add weight to the bar consistently.

Heck, it sure sounds simple enough. Take the bench press for example. Let's say you start out doing 100 pounds for 5 reps. You plan to increase the weight by 5 pounds every week. Surely that is a very modest increase, right?

So let's see... after one year you will be doing 350 pounds, then 600 pounds after two years, 850 pounds after three years... WOW, you are going to be the strongest man in the world with only a few years of training!

Too bad it doesn't work like that.

As a strength coach I have had the chance to work with a lot of athletes as well as regular guys. When they come to me for help one of the first things I ask them about is the training programs they have used in the past. Because of this I know which programs work and which ones don't. And the programs that work time and time again are those that are based on the scientific principles we know to be true about training.

I won't bore you with all of the scientific details here, but let me just say that 90% of the programs I see out there are a complete waste of time. There are another 5% or so that are OK, and only about 5% that are great. The problem is, hardly anyone ever sees the top 5% because these programs are closely guarded by the coaches who write them.

In other words, you simply won't find these programs in bodybuilding magazines. The programs in these magazines aren't made for the average guy anyway. Just ask yourself, how much do you have in common with a 280 pound bodybuilder who is using boatloads of steroids?

Your Training Program
Should be Different Than His

The bottomline is that these cookie-cutter programs won't do the average guy any good. Instead, you need a program that is based on science and tailored to your specific goal of getting stronger.

A Step-by-Step Plan: Putting it All Together

So far we have taken a look at some basic principles of getting stronger. But where do you go from here?

What we have discussed so far in the "3 Keys" is a good general outline of what you need to do. But to put this information into action you really need an expert in the field. Unfortunately, this is too expensive for most of us.

That's why I decided to do a little experiment...

The Athletic Muscle Building Experiment

In 2003, a select group of athletes were taught a new and experimental system of training referred to as "Athletic Muscle." In the 90-day experiment, the average strength gains were 40 pounds on the bench press and 70 pounds on the squat, not to mention an increase of 16 pounds with no increase in fat.

Available only at the highest levels of athletics for the last 5 years, the Athletic Muscle Building system is now available to the general public for the first time.

Science makes the difference:
Developed and tested by top Soviet sport scientists

The most popular training programs are based on disproven techniques involving high-volumes of ineffective work and bodybuilding magazine pseudoscience. Basic research immediately discredits these approaches, which ignore the most basic scientific fact: the muscle must get stronger to grow appreciably bigger.

See our unpaid testimonials for feedback from athletes who have used these ineffective programs prior to Athletic Muscle Building.

Here's the scoop: The Athletic Muscle Building system, in sharp contrast to other training systems, was developed by analyzing the training programs and methods of the top athletes from the world's most elite athletic institutions, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA.

What is the science behind these athletes' successes? Keep reading to find out.

The commonalities of all these programs were isolated and combined with recently declassified sport science research from the former Soviet Union. From 1972 until its break-up in 1991, the Soviet Union and other countries of the Soviet Bloc dominated the Olympics year after year. The same top-secret Soviet research that went into these programs has now been analyzed and incorporated into Athletic Muscle Building to provide a user friendly system for giving average people the capability to build muscle at the same rate as the top athletes in the world.

In 5 years and 7,300 man-hours of investigation and experimentation, the Athletic Muscle Building system has been repeatedly proven as the most effective training system in the world for increasing muscle mass and strength without increasing bodyfat.

dr yessis"I have seen countless so-called muscle building programs proclaim themselves as the best. The problem is that they only have marketing schemes, not hardcore science and real-world results to back-up their claims. Athletic Muscle Building is different because it uses the latest scientific principles as the basis for the program. And not only that, but this training system has been used with real people to get real results. If you are looking to gain muscle at the fastest rate possible then I can't recommend Athletic Muscle Building enough. It is truly the masterpiece in the field."

Dr. Michael Yessis
"Secrets of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training"

The Athletic Muscle Building system has been tested with athletes of all ages and sports, and even the most genetically skinny athletes have been trained to pack on slabs of muscle in less than three months. By comparison, the average gym member will struggle to put on any muscle in that time, leading to extreme frustration, while the top 1% of gym members pack on huge amounts of muscle.

The Athletic Muscle Building system is designed to put you in this top 1% as soon as you start the system.

How quickly can I increase muscle mass with this system?

A level of muscularity unattainable with a full year of conventional training can be achieved in 90 days.

The Athletic Muscle Building system has produced some of the largest increases in muscle mass on record in only 90 days. The highest increase recorded is 26 lbs. Individual results will always vary, but it is guaranteed that you will increase your muscle mass by AT LEAST 10 lbs. in 90 days.

How many supplements can say that?

Many trainees report spending $150 a month on supplements. That is $1,800 per year.

How many of these supplements have given you any real advantage, quantifiable in pounds of muscle?

How many of these supplements guarantee you will increase your muscle mass?

How much would you pay for guaranteed muscle mass gains?

Using the Athletic Muscle Building system you get a return on your investment within a matter of days.

Working with a personal trainer costs $70 per hour. If you meet 3 times per week for 3 months you would spend more than $2,500. What do you get for your $2,500? You "may" experience an increase of 5-10lbs. of muscle. In sharp contrast, the Athletic Muscle Building system has a proven track record of scientifically increasing muscle mass in just 90 days.

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Cal Dietz, MS, CSCS
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How do you increase muscle mass?

The Athletic Muscle Building system was developed to eliminate all exercises and methods that do not contribute to increased strength and muscle mass.

Once you properly understand the scientific principles of exercise physiology, you can eliminate exercise inefficiencies and increase muscle mass while improving strength and losing fat. Muscle building is a physical process limited primarily by factors under our direct control. Your body can be conditioned to stay in perpetual muscle building mode and produce huge improvements in both muscle mass and strength.

No serious lifter should invest in any method that uses bodybuilding magazine pseudoscience or otherwise refutes the scientific facts related to the building of muscle mass.

There are several definitions and objectives one must understand to optimize the muscle building process:

A) You must maximize the ability of your nervous system to "turn-on" your muscles.
You do not use all of the muscle you currently have. The average person can only recruit 50% of their muscle fibers. In the improperly trained athlete even the muscle fibers they can recruit do not fire in a synchronized way that promotes effective force production. This is due to the restrictions put on muscles by the nervous system. The classic example is that of the grandmother lifting a car to free her grandson. Every one of us has this capability within our muscles, but we must learn to trick the nervous system into letting us live up to our potential.

B) You must strengthen the muscle in concentric, eccentric, and isometric actions.
Muscles can produce force in three different ways: concentric, eccentric, and isometric. By training these actions in the wrong proportions you are cutting your muscle growth by 20%.

C) You must incorporate exercises in the correct sequence.
Improperly trained athletes may use some of the same exercises as those who use the Athletic Muscle Building system, but the improper sequencing of the exercises can completely halt the muscle building process, and in some cases even cause muscle loss.

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What Does the Athletic Muscle Building System Contain?

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The package begins with the acclaimed book that blows the lid off the bodybuilding industry.

You will learn why the programs you have been following simply cannot work for you. You will also learn the real science behind muscle growth and how to apply it.

But don't worry, this complicated information has been made easy to understand. But just to make sure you grasp the information in this book we have included 3 full 12 week programs. That is 36 weeks of the best training programs laid out step-by-step.

You simply can't fail if you follow the information in this book.
muscle building nutrition
This manual will give you everything from the basics to advanced tricks for using food to accelerate your muscle growth. This manual is packed with info, including:

Calorie and macronutrient calculations

Sample meal plans

Individualizing your plan

Shopping lists


Much, much, more
Whether you're new to lifting weights or a seasoned veteran we all need to brush-up on exercise technique at times. Most gym rats have such terrible form it is amazing that anyone is gaining muscle without getting hurt.

The information in this DVD gives you step-by-step instructions on upper and lower body exercises with free weights and machines. More than 50 exercises are demonstrated in detail.

Don't underestimate the importance of this DVD. A simple change in your technique can easily add 20-40 pounds on some exercises. This can translate into several pounds of muscle.
This DVD goes over the coveted Muscle Activation Sequences and EQIs in detail.

After reading Athletic Muscle you will come to understand the great importance of these techniques for packing on muscle at the fastest rate possible.

This DVD will show you the correct form on all of these exercises so that you can get the most out of them.
You already know that 99% of the supplements on the market aren't worth the bottles they're sold in. But what about that other 1%?

The truth is there are a few supplements out there that can dramatically increase your rate of progress. I'm talking about doubling your muscle gains. But you have to know how to use these supplements at the right time and in the correct dosages.

Athletic Muscle is not affiliated with any supplement company in any way, so you can rest assured that all of the information in this manual is free of hype and fluff. Only the hardcore facts are included.

When you combine the information in this manual with the Muscle Building Nutrition Manual and the programs in Athletic Muscle you turn the muscle gods in your favor. You will no longer struggle to gain strength and pack on muscle.
One of the most important, and often forgotten, tools of muscle building is the training log. Keeping track of your progress from one workout to the next is crucial.

Most people do this via a notebook. This is a good start, but notebooks get lost and they are hard to search through when looking back at your progress. So imagine how difficult it is trying to keep track of the training notebooks of hundreds of athletes!

To correct this problem we hired a software designer to put together the Training Tracker software. The Training Tracker 5.0 is the new version of the software used by the original Athletic Muscle testing group to organize and track their progress.

Now organizing your workouts and tracking your progress is simple.

muscle growth image
The Muscle Growth Quick Start is an 8 week program that prepares you for the rigors of a hardcore training program like those in Athletic Muscle. The most common reason for failure is being unprepared. This program is a jump start for your strength and muscle building goals. It is the same program used by pro athletes to get ready for their intense off-season regimens.

The program is written in an easy-to-follow style that will make your progress a foregone conclusion. As with all the programs in the Athletic Muscle Building system, you can use the Training Tracker 5.0 to track your progress on the Muscle Growth Quick Start program.

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This special report covers a unique fat loss secret that was recently discovered by a Japanese researcher. This is not some miracle supplement or gimmick. This is a unique exercise protocol that will literally melt the fat faster than anything else out there.


Once you read Athletic Muscle and watch the Special Exercise Techniques DVD you will understand the importance of stretching. But not just any type of stretching.

This special stretching protocol actually builds muscle and strength while making you nearly injury-proof and enhancing your recovery and flexibility. This is not your old football coach's stretching program.

Learn more about this special stretching protocol in the Super Stretch report.

how to gain muscle cardio

If you have been trying to gain muscle for any amount of time you have probably heard that cardio is detrimental to your goals.

This special report destroys any ideas you have about cardio being bad for gaining muscle. Using a special cardiovascular training protocol you will learn how cardio will actually help you gain muscle much faster than if you don't include it all.

You will also learn which cardiovascular training protocols to avoid so you don't burn up your hard-earned muscle.

You can do everything else right, but if you are off the mark on your cardio training you are severely limiting your gains.


We have all seen the behemoths on TV lifting boulders and pulling massive trucks. Even if you have no intention of ever becoming one of these competitors, strongman-style training has a lot to offer.

Not only is it a great workout that builds muscle differently than traditional exercises, but it's also good to get out of the gym and have some fun with your training. In this report you will learn:

The benefits of strongman training

How to perform strongman exercises

How to incorporate strongman training into your existing program

How to make your own strongman equipment for next to nothing

building muscle mass shakes

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You're in a hurry to get to your next appointment (work, kids, social event, etc.), but you haven't eaten anything in hours and it will probably be several more before you have a chance to eat again. Sure, you could grab a bag of chips or something similar, but this is almost worse than not eating at all.

With the recipes in this book you won't have to worry any more. You can make a delicious and healthy shake in less than 5 minutes. I'm talking great tasting, muscle building shakes that are easy to prepare.

There are no longer any excuses for skipping meals.

There are some expenses you can't get away from. You will always need to buy food, and if you are serious about gaining muscle you will probably want to buy a few of the quality supplements recommended in the "No B.S. Supplement Guide."

The good news is that we have secured special discounts for you to save money on groceries and supplements.

These discounts have saved many readers over $100 in the first month. You can save over a $1000 per year!

Athletic Muscle Building is a system that is based on science. You are getting the very best, scientifically designed muscle building package there is.

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"Ok, this all sounds great, but what if I happen to be the first guy this doesn't work for?"

That's right, if you are unsatisfied with Athletic Muscle Building for any reason at all, simply return the book and DVDs within 60 days of the purchase date.

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