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How to Build Muscle

Fast-twitch Training

A lot has been written about how to build fast-twitch muscle fibers. It has been well-documented that fast-twitch muscle fibers have the highest potential for strength and size gains. Unfortunately, most of the information fast-twitch fiber training is scientific in nature and leaves the reader with no practical guidelines for how to train the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

So instead of getting into the science of how to build muscle by stimulating the fast-twitch muscle fibers, let's jump right into some practical ways to stimulate those hard hit fibers.

Explosive Training

This one of the most direct ways to hit the fast-twitch muscle fibers. Explosive training preferentially recruits the fibers that are hard to hit with heavy strength training.

To perform this type of training you can either do some light, explosive sets before your normal sets, or you can dedicate a whole training session, or a portion of one, to explosive training.
Jumps, sprints, and throws all fit-in here.


Eccentrics are a natural part of nearly every strength training movement. But did you know that the fast-twitch muscle fibers are preferentially recruited during eccentric training?
To use this to our benefit you will want to accentuate the eccentric portion of the movement by slowing it down or using additional resistance. Because you are already recruiting fast-twitch muscle fibers, the additional stress will be placed directly on those fibers leading to more growth and strength.

Give these two techniques a try in your program. Remember though, it's not just about adding a new technique here or there to your program. For fast results you need a comprehensize training and nutrition program based on science and designed by a professional.

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