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Athletic Bodybuilding

Do you want to perform as good as you look?

It’s great to have a muscular and lean physique, but if you’re like most people you would like to perform as good as you look. In order to do this you can’t just follow a bodybuilding routine. You also need to incorporate some training to enhance your athleticism. The combination of these two types of training is what I call “Athletic Bodybuilding.”

The tips below will put you on the road to developing a lean, powerful, and muscular physique that is as athletic as it looks. For a more comprehensive training plan to enhance your muscle building and athleticism please refer to the Athletic Muscle Building program, specifically the “Weekend Warrior” ebook.

1. Focus on strength and the muscle will come
Getting stronger is one of the keys to gaining muscle and it's also one of the keys to enhancing athleticism. Make sure you are focusing your training on compound, free weight exercises no matter what your priority is. Your choice of rep range will be influenced by your priorities as well, with lower reps prioritizing pure strength and slightly higher reps giving you a mix of strength and muscle growth.

2. Explosive training
The key to just about any sport is speed of movement. It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you can’t catch the guy you’re chasing! If you want to be athletic then you need to do some specific training for your speed and explosiveness. This could be something as simple as a few sprints or as complicated as a scientifically designed plyometric program. Either way, the point is that you need to train this quality if you want to be athletic.

3. Endurance training
Similar to the previous tip, it doesn’t matter how strong or big you are if you can’t use that strength for the length of an entire game. To improve your endurance a basic cardiovascular training program can help, but to really make a difference you will need an energy system training plan specific to your sport and position.

4. Flexibility
If you ever have the opportunity to see a pro bodybuilder try to sprint I would highly recommend not passing up the opportunity, as it is quite humorous. The combination of extreme muscle mass and poor flexibility leads to horribly inefficient technique which severely limits speed and increases the risk of injuries.

To avoid this situation make sure to stretch after every workout. It is highly recommended that you avoid passive stretches in favor of active stretches (such as those outlined in Athletic Muscle Building DVD #2). No one is asking you to do the splits, but a basic level of flexibility is necessary to safely and effectively execute most sporting movements.

Avoid being all show and no go. Incorporate these tips into your athletic bodybuilding program today!