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Work Out Programs

The Difference Between Working Out and Training

I often get questions from people about selecting the best work out programs for their goals. I always try my best to assist them, but as soon as I hear the words "work out program” I cringe.

To me, work out programs sound like something the average person does. It reminds me of all the people who flock to the gym in early January to start on their New Year’s resolutions, only to give-up on any form of exercise within a few weeks.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I think it’s great that these people are making an effort, but I believe one of the reasons that they inevitably fail is the way in which they perceive exercise. And I believe the term “work out program” is symptomatic of that perception.

Instead, I prefer to refer to a training program. The term “training” indicates that you are exercising for a purpose. Training is what athletes do. It shows that you are not simply going through the motions in the gym, but that you have a specific reason for exercising. And most importantly it indicates a mindset that is focused and driven, not willing to waver for any reason.

Having a training program as opposed to a work out program< shows that you are serious about your goals. I strongly believe that the “work out” mindset is one of the main reasons that people fail to achieve their goals.

Think about it. How many people actually enjoy exercising? Not even the professional athletes I work with really enjoy most of their training. Instead, they enjoy the results of their training. They enjoy bettering themselves. This is the essence of the training mindset.

By adopting the training mindset you are committing yourself to your goals, no matter how hard it is to get there. There are simply no excuses when you are focused and driven enough.

Tired from work? Want to go out and party instead of training? Rather spend money on going out to eat then on quality food?

None of these obstacles will stand in your way if you adopt the training mindset.

So, if you’ve been going through the motions in your work out program, then it’s time to get serious and start a real training program. This is the only way to get the body you desire.

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