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Top Muscle Building Supplements

Casein Protein

While whey protein is undoubtedly the most popular protein powder and one of the top muscle building supplements, we shouldn’t forget about whey’s sister protein, casein. You see, the protein in milk is comes from two basic types of protein, whey and casein. Whey makes up about 80% of the protein in milk, while casein makes up the other 20%.

Whey is popular for its easy mixability and clean taste, but casein has some great benefits that whey doesn’t have.

1. Digestion Rate
While whey typically digests very quickly, casein has a much slower digestion rate. This makes casein the perfect choice when you need a slower release of amino acids into the bloodstream (e.g. just before bed). This is the primary benefit of casein protein over whey.

2. Glutamine Levels
In a previous article I discussed the benefits of glutamine for muscle building and recovery. The good news is that casein has very high levels of glutamine, much higher than whey.

These two benefits make casein one of the top muscle building supplements. You should be incorporating casein protein into your muscle building supplement plan in some way. Combined with a proper training and nutrition program it can help to advance your muscle gains.

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