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Quick Muscle Building Secrets

Deep-Tissue Massage

When most people think of massage they think of a relaxing experience with scented candles and soft music. While this is certainly a valid form of massage, there are also many other forms.

For those who train hard on a consistent basis the relaxing form of massage is likely not the best choice if your goal is improved performance and recovery. In this context I have found deep-tissue massage to be a quick muscle building secret. Deep-tissue massage goes under many brand names each with their own specifics, but the basis of all deep-tissue therapies is a strong and often painful pressure on the muscles.

The theory is that this strong pressure breaks up adhesions in the muscle fibers. Adhesions are essentially a fusing together of the muscle due to years of muscle trauma (e.g. heavy lifting) and improper recovery. When adhesions form the muscle fibers are no longer at their strongest, and often will not produce force at all.

This is where deep-tissue massage comes in. To find a good deep-tissue therapist it is best to ask for recommendations from trusted friends or to search-out a therapist who works with the athletic population. These steps will insure that you get a qualified therapist who is familiar with your specific issues.

You should expect your first deep-tissue session to be very painful. In fact, if itís not then you should probably find a new practitioner. The absence of pain indicates that the therapist is not getting deep enough into the muscle to give you any benefit.

Because of the painful nature of deep-tissue massage you should expect to be sore for next 1-2 days. I recommend treating the deep-tissue session as workout, so you need to take proper steps to recover from it.

Although it is painful, I believe the benefits are well worth it. Besides helping to prevent injury and pain, I find it is not uncommon to see an 8-10% increase in strength at the next session following your first deep-tissue appointment. This is why I call deep-tissue massage a quick muscle building secret.

I highly recommend incorporating deep-tissue massage into a professionally-designed training and nutrition program in order to get the most benefit.

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