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Automatic Muscle Building

After conversing with hundreds of people who have been successful in achieving their muscle building goals, I have found one commonality between them. Iím talking about people of all ages and genetic capabilities. Of course they all stick their nutrition and training plans, get plenty of rest, etc., etc. But the one common link between all of these people is that they set themselves up for success.

How do they do this? Itís actually a fairly simple process once you put it into action, but itís one of the best muscle building tips you will ever get. The main component is to make muscle building automatic.

Now I know thatís vague, so let me give you an example of what I mean.

Letís say your goal is gain 20 pounds of muscle and increase your bench press by 40 pounds in 12 weeks. Once you have identified your goal you must also identify the behaviors that will get you there. As you may have guessed, your training and nutrition plan will be of the utmost importance here.

Letís say you read through Athletic Muscle Building and determine the exact calorie and macronutrient ratios for you. You also determine your optimal meal plan so that you are taking in the optimal amount of nutrients each day.

In addition you have decided to use the Extreme Strength Boost program to increase your bench press before moving into the intermediate level Athletic Muscle Building program.

You have determined that if you stick with these behaviors (your meal plan and your training plan) you will achieve your goals. Now it is time to automate your success. You have to take this one step further and make your muscle building behaviors automatic.

For example, you know that it is virtually impossible to cook all of your meals everyday. So you block out an hour or so on Sunday afternoon to cook all of your food for the week. Or, as one of my trainees does, hire someone else to prepare your meals for you and deliver it to you (yes, there are people who will make your exact meal plan for a price). Either way, the point is that you have now set yourself up to stick to your meal plan throughout the week. Since this is one of the key behaviors we identified for reaching your goal, you are already well on your way.

To automate your training you need to a select training times that fit with your schedule. If that means getting up early in the morning to train before work, or going to the gym immediately after work, you need to make it part of your routine. Most successful muscle builders train with a partner or a group (I discussed this muscle building tip in a previous article). This helps to insure that you stick with a good training schedule and that you have productive workouts.

These are just some very basic examples of how you can automate your success. If training and eating right is simply a chore to get through every day then you wonít stick to it for very long. Donít make the muscle building process any more difficult than it has to be.

Buy a good training and nutrition program that you trust will work and then automate your behaviors from there and you will be on the road to muscle and strength in no time!

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