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Muscle Building Nutrition Plan

Fruits and Vegetables for Muscle Mass

Itís been hammered into us by bodybuilding magazines that we need tons and tons of protein. While protein is a definite necessity, I find that most people are really lacking in fruit and vegetable intake. One of the main reasons for this is that most people donít understand how fruits and vegetables aid in muscle growth. This is probably the one of the most overlooked areas in most peoplesí muscle building nutrition plan, especially the younger guys.

Whether itís been taught to us or simply implied, I think most of us have this belief that eating like a bodybuilder and eating healthily are mutually exclusive. This should not be the case as health is vital to building muscle at the fastest rate possible.

You see, when we are trying to build muscle we lift heavy weights. This is a huge stress on your body. Your body adapts to this stress by making your muscle bigger and stronger. This adaptation takes a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, this is not the only thing going on in your body. Your body has to keep your heart pumping and all your organs working just to keep you alive. You are also constantly bombarded with bacteria and viruses that your body fights-off to keep you from getting sick.

Your body prioritizes all these activities. First and foremost is keeping your heart and brain working. Then comes the function of your internal organs and immune system. Way, way down the list is building muscle.

When you donít give your body the nutrients to keep all of your other systems working then your body will never build muscle at the fastest rate possible. If your body has a choice of fighting-off an infection or building muscle, itís going to choose to keep you healthy every time.

By eating fruits and vegetables you supply your body with the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals necessary to keep your healthy. If you include an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables in your muscle building nutrition plan then your body wonít have to decide between staying alive and building muscle, since it will now have the raw materials to do both.

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