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Muscle Building Nutrition

4 Quick Snacks

One of the main complaints I hear from people who are trying to stick to a muscle building nutrition plan is that it is difficult for them to always have food with them, especially if they are on the road.

The best solution to this problem is still to take a cooler packed with high-quality, muscle building nutrition. But if you havenít planned accordingly, here are some quick snacks that you can use in a pinch.

#1 Nuts

Loaded with healthy fats and protein, as well as vitamins and minerals, nuts are a fantastic snack that you can pick-up at just about any gas station. Look for mixed nuts as opposed to just peanuts. This will give you a better fatty-acid profile. Make sure to drink plenty of water to balance out the salt.

#2 Beef jerky

While the nitrates and preservatives in beef jerky make it a bad choice for everyday healthy eating, if youíre in a bind this is the best source of protein you will find. Many varieties have little or no fat at all. For a change look out for turkey jerky or ostrich jerky. As with the nuts, make sure to drink plenty of water.

#3 Milk

The tried and true standard for those looking to gain weight. Depending on your goals you may opt for skim or whole millk. Either way, you get a great source of protein along with a bunch of additional calories. Again, not a good everyday choice since the lactose in milk is high-glycemic, but if your main goal is weight gain then you canít be picky!

#4 Dried fruits

These are great in combination with a high-protein source like beef jerky. While most dried fruits contain added sugar, this is balanced by the antioxidants and fiber they provide. Again, not a great choice on an everyday basis, but when you are on the road itís one of the best things youíll find.


Remember, the best way to get in muscle building nutrition is to plan accordingly and bring high-quality meals and snacks with you. But when this is just too difficult, these snacks will help you get through the day without starving your muscles.

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