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How to Get Muscles

There are thousands and thousands of people wondering how to get muscles. There are also thousands and thousands of ways to get muscles to grow. While most training systems are ineffective (this is the reason so few people have the muscle and strength levels they desire), there are a few out there that work.

So what are the commonalities between these systems? First and foremost they adhere to the science behind muscle building, not just whatever system happened to work for the guy writing the book.

One of the most important aspects is that the system is built around the scientific equations for muscle growth. Even if you donít like math, you need to understand these equations to optimize muscle growth. The primary equation is as follows:

Muscle breakdown = (duration of tension) x (amount of tension)

This means that the heavier a weight we use and the longer our sets last, the more muscle breakdown will occur. Muscle breakdown is good in this case, as it is the stimulus to build more muscle. Obviously we must repair this breakdown effectively through proper nutrition, supplementation, and recovery modalities. But letís focus on the training for now.

Since muscle breakdown is the stimulus for growth, we want to make sure we give our body the correct amount of this stimulus. Too little and our body wonít respond, too much and our body wonít be able to repair it effectively.

In addition, we must realize that the equation changes over time.

The first time we do 3 sets of 10 reps with 100 pounds it will lead to significant muscle breakdown. But as we continue to repeat this same protocol it will lead to less and less muscle breakdown, which means less and less of a stimulus for our muscles to grow.

This underscores the need for progression in a training system. The body must regularly be presented with an increased training load if you are going to continue to get bigger. This training load canít simply be raised linearly however, as this leads to overtraining.

The muscle breakdown equation and progression are two of the biggest keys to any successful training program. There are many ways to go about managing these two variables, but the real key is finding a program that allows you to manage both on an individual level.

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