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How to Gain Weight Fast

5 Tips

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account if you want to gain weight fast. But the most important factor is to consume ample calories every single day. This is where most naturally skinny guys run into trouble. They simply have trouble out-eating their naturally high metabolisms. If this sounds like you then listen up to these tips on how to gain weight fast:

1. Calorie dense foods
The basic problem for most skinny guys is that they get full easily. To counteract this it is important to consume foods that pack a lot of calories into every bite. You may still get full quickly, but youíll have gotten in your calories.

2. Liquid calories
This is another solution to get around feeling full too quickly. Liquid calories arenít easily recognizable by your body as food, so you can often consume a lot of them before your body realizes itís full. Try adding things like protein shakes, milk, or fresh fruit juices to your regular meals.

3. Distracted eating
Itís well-known that when people eat in distracting situations, such as while watching TV or while eating-out with friends, they typically consume more calories. Take advantage of this phenomenon by doing something else while youíre eating. This will take your mind off of eating, which is especially important if you dread regularly consuming large amounts of food.

4. Consume carbs
Carbohydrates, particularly simple carbohydrates, are digested rapidly and donít give you the same feeling of fullness that foods high in fat will. Use this to your advantage by consuming some easily digested carbs, especially at breakfast.

5. Itís a race
Your mother may have lectured you to slow-down and chew your food, but if youíre looking to gain weight fast then itís time to stop listening to mommy. The slower you eat the more time you give your body to realize itís full. In contrast, if you consume your food as fast as possible then you can pack in a ton of calories before your body even realizes you took your first bite.

Youíll notice that many of these tips run counter to the typical diet advice. This is because typical diet advice is given for those who want to lose weight, not gain it. For those looking to gain weight fast the protocols are often the exact opposite of those for weight loss.

However, it is important not to get carried away. The goal should be to gain muscle and minimize fat. Keep a close eye on your body fat percentage to prevent your weight gain goal from turning into an excuse to become fat. Monitoring your progress and making adjustments is the key individualizing any program to your specific needs.

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