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Hardgainer Muscle Building Nutrition

3 Strategies

With the prevalence of information on weight loss and fat loss it can often be difficult to find hardgainer muscle building nutrition information. One of the best strategies I have found for finding good quality weight gain nutrition info is to simply take the recommended weight loss nutrition strategies and do the exact opposite.

Based on that, here are 3 strategies that hardgainers can use to consume more calories so that they grow as fast as possible.

1. Liquid calories
Most diets recommend that you avoid liquid calories because it is easy to over-consume them since they donít make you feel full like a whole food meal. For hardgainers we can use this to our advantage. Simply put, never drink any beverage that doesnít contain calories. Now, Iím not recommending you drink beer and soda all day, there are healthy choices that are more conducive to building muscle. For example, protein shakes, milk, and fruit juices are good choices here.

2. Distracted eating
One of the most frequent tips I hear for those trying to lose weight is not to eat in front of the television or in other distracting situations. Again, we can flip this around for hardgainer muscle building nutrition. If you struggle to consume enough calories, then do something to distract yourself while you are eating. Whether it is watching TV or eating with a group of people, distracting your mind while eating will allow you to consume more calories.

3. Eating at night
Another common recommendation for dieters is to avoid eating late at night. Again, we can flip this around for a good weight gaining strategy. Now, Iím not saying you should eat most of your calories at night, but you certainly shouldnít be afraid of a protein shake before bed, or even in the middle of the night.

Use these strategies wisely to gain weight as fast as possible. Remember that your goal is to build muscle, not fat, so use some commonsense when exercising these strategies.

To build muscle as fast as possible you will want to incorporate these strategies into a synergistic training and nutrition program, such as Vince DelMonte's, that is designed with your specific goals in mind.

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