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Fast Muscle Building Tips

Rest Periods

When you ask someone to describe their training program youíll typically get a response that includes exercises, sets, and reps. Very few people will ever mention the amount of rest they take between sets. If you don't understand the importance of rest periods then you are missing one of the best fast muscle building tips out there.

I am guessing that most people don't ever talk about rest periods because they pay absolutely no attention to how long they rest between sets. They simply rest for as long as it takes their training partner to do a set or until they decide to stop talking to the girl in spandex.

But without at least a vague idea of the optimal rest period for your goal, you can do everything else correctly yet still see no results. This is one of the most important fast muscle building tips.

Letís say two guys are training for strength and both decide to do the tried and true 5x5 program with the exact same exercises. One guy rests 1 minute between sets and the other guy rests 4 minutes. Who will have the better strength improvement over the course of the program?

If youíre not sure of the answer, take a look at this chart:

GoalRest Period (seconds)
Maximal Strength180-600+
Myofibrillar Hypertrophy120-240
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy30-90
Fat Loss0-45

As you can tell, a longer rest period will be more conducive to increasing maximal strength.

Make sure that when you are planning your training that you account for the often forgotten variable of rest periods!

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