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Chest Muscle Building Tips

The Rest-Pause Method

Today I want to share with you one of the most powerful chest muscle building tips. Itís known as the rest-pause method or cluster set method, and it works great with just about any exercise.

The rest-pause method is characterized by ďmini-setsĒ separated by short rest periods. This creates a huge overload on the muscles and is great for breaking through a plateau. To understand how to use the rest-pause method in your training letís take a look at an example.

If we want to use the rest-pause method for the bench press you first need to select a weight. Any weight can be used, but my favorite variation of the rest-pause method is to use weights that are 80-85% of max. This is a weight that you can lift 5-7 times before failure.

If we have a lifter whose max bench press is 300 pounds, he will use 250 pounds for his rest-pause sets.

20 seconds rest
20 seconds rest
20 seconds rest
3-4 minutes rest and repeat

As you can see, our hypothetical lifter has just completed 11 reps with his 5 rep maximum! This makes the rest-pause method a great chest muscle building tip. Obviously the rest-pause method allows you to perform a higher volume with heavier weights. This is a recipe for fast muscle gains, but it also means that you can burn-out if you use this method too often or incorrectly.

So there you have it, another weapon to add to your chest muscle building arsenal!

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