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Best Muscle Building Supplements


Caffeine is one of the best muscle building supplements available. Caffeine and creatine are the two most proven supplements in the scientific literature. Both show consistently positive benefits for those who combine them with strength training exercise. Caffeine has been shown to increase strength, endurance, and speed, while decreasing reaction time.

To get the most benefit from caffeine it is recommended that you consume it 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. It is often combined with a variety of other substances such as amino acids and nootropics, but caffeine also works very well on its own.

The most important factor to getting the most from caffeine is making sure that itís not overused. This means kicking your coffee, soda, or energy drink habit. There are many good reasons to do this, but we wonít get into those reasons here. If youíve built up a resistance to caffeine over the years then it wonít benefit you during your workouts, and you have basically lost a powerful tool in your quest for more muscle.

While caffeine is one of the best muscle building supplements, it is also important not to overuse caffeine as a workout enhancer. If you use caffeine before every workout you will eventually build-up a tolerance to it. For this reason I recommend that you limit caffeine consumption to one workout per week.

I know that some of you may be thinking that this is crazy. You may think there is no way you will get through a workout without your caffeine. Well, if this is the case then you need to focus more on proper rest and recovery methods. Replacing sleep with caffeine is not a good long-term solution if your goal is to gain muscle.

Besides, there are plenty of other supplements you can use as a pre-workout pick-me-up that donít contain caffeine. These include nootropics and specialized amino acids. Check out the No BS Supplement Guide for more information.

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