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Best Supplements for Muscle Building

Egg White Protein Powder

Egg white protein powder is a complete protein source derived from chicken egg whites and is one of the best supplements for muscle building. The yolks are removed which eliminates most of the fat and cholesterol, while keeping the protein. The result is a powder with a bland, slightly salty taste. It is a relatively quickly digested protein, similar to whey. It mixes easily and is often used in combination protein powders along with whey and casein.

Egg white protein has some benefits above and beyond whey and casein though. Specifically, it contains a high level of sulfur-based amino acids which may contribute to various hormonal pathways. This may lead to higher levels of anabolic hormones.

Indeed, one study has demonstrated that those who consumed whole eggs regularly gained more strength than those who did not consume eggs. Whether or not this effect translates to egg white protein powder has not been determined.

Egg white protein powder will certainly not be challenging whey for protein powder market domination, but it can be a valuable addition to your protein blend and is one of the best supplements for muscle building available.

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